Java Programs for EVE Online

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Java based programs for CCP's EVE Online game.

To use these programs you will need the API key for your EVE-Online account.

EVE Mobile Skill Planner (emsp)

Check your character's skills on your cell phone, add skill completion times to your cell phone's calendar.

Online (OTA) :
BlackBerry local installation :

Minimum requirements:

EVE Swiss Army Knife (eveswa)

This has just started, but the objective of this application is to utilize CCP's XML API to the fullest, in one application.

- Windows L&F
- Java L&F
- Motif L&F

Installation and starting the application:
  1. Download the current version of eveswa
  2. Download the current version of eveswa-libs
  3. Unpack the contents of both files into the same directory.
  4. To start the application all you have to do is then double click on the eveswa.jar file.
    (The first time you start eveswa, it will connect to CCP's API server to download the current skills list)

Minimum requirements:


You can download releases of the programs here.


You can get to the evemsp forums here.

Bugs and feature requests

To report bugs or request features go here.

Source code

The source code is maintained in sourceforge's SVN repository, you can browse the code here.

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